Turboly is used by thousands of users every day. Below are some of our customers.



Turboly helped us bring many positive changes at Si-Tepat Outlets. It’s very educative, all users in the outlet and head office are involved in every process that occurs in every transaction they did. We use Turboly both at our Head Office and over 30 retail outlets in Jakarta, Jogja and Bali. In our Head Office we use turboly in all business sections, from purchasing, warehousing, logistics, finance and accounting. While in our retail outlets, we use Turboly to manage inventory, record our outlet sales and bookeepings. With Turboly we manage to improve our control/audit functions to be more effective since all transactions are auditable and traceable. What we felt very helpful is the ability to create financial reports very easily, quickly and accurately for each retail outlets. Previously, to process reports from outlets we need a long process taking few days, but this time all the outlets are integrated so that the process is fast and accurate. Aftersales team Turboly also greatly help us in the operations, and were quick to respond to the questions that we asked via e-mail or phone.
Turboly provides an important and accurate information in our work, helping us to make quick and accurate decisions in each policy. All in one package of POS, customer relationship, product management, inventory to accounting and integrated to all outlets, really made our job effective and efficient. POS module is quite simple and user friendly, complete sales reports easily understood by users who are not familiar with this system before.
Turboly make our work easier. Complete features including POS, CRM, product management help our store operations where spread across in various cities. With Turboly, we can made a wide range of sales promotion in one place and applied to all stores, it’s very helpful and efficient. The process of ordering goods from warehouses to stores and suppliers fairly easy, it can be done anywhere and directly received by purchasing department in head office without a long process.