Inventory Management

Simple and smart inventory control to help you increase your sales

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Integrated Inventory Control

Keep your inventory under tight control

Inventory management becomes increasingly challenging as your business starts to take off. Our system lets you track inventory items across the entire product life cycle - from purchasing, to receiving, to transfers, to sales.

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Multi Locations

Stay flexible as you expand

Manage your inventory across multiple locations and have complete traceability over your stock movements.

You can quickly view on-hand, sold, received, on-order and in-transit quantities for each item across all store locations.

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Product Bundling

Automatic tracking for bundled products

When the bundle is sold, our system will automatically reduce the inventory for each SKU that makes up the bundle.

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Simple and painless stock-takes

Quickly generate and complete full or partial stock-takes. Or, simply walk around the warehouse or shop with an iPad and barcode scanner to add item counts directly into the system.