Main Features of Inventory Management Software

Stock Inventory Application for effective inventory control in increasing sales.

Multi-location Turboly
Multi-location Inventory

Allows you to keep an accurate record of inventory on hand at each of your storage locations. As a result, you can transfer inventory between locations with greater ease.

Intelligent Inventory Control Turboly
Intelligent Inventory Control

We provides intelligent control over inventory replenishment, helping ensure that you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders, but keep excess stock to minimum.

Stock Takes Turboly
Stock Takes

Quickly generate and complete full or partial stock-takes.Or, simplu walk around the warehouse or shop with and iPad and barcode scanner to add item counts directly into the system.

Product Assembly Turboly
Product Assembly

Build finished products quickly and easily. Capture all costs of production for more accurate margin reporting.

Bill of Materials Turboly
Bill Of Materials

Track raw material inventory in Turboly. Automatically convert into finished goods once they’re assembled. Automatic accounting and inventory adjustments eliminate any manual errors.

Consignment Inventory Control Turboly
Consigment Inventory Control

Visibility on consignment inventory for consignors. Once the goods are out of warehouse, it is easy to assume that retailers will bear full responsibility and take care of the sales and ensuring that all of your products get sold. Turboly helps to keep track of your consignment inventory movement when it’s not in your warehouse.

COGS Calculation Turboly
COGS Calculation

Turboly adopts Average inventory valuation, automatic product cost calculations based on company or store. Automatically linked to the accounting module make the cost of goods and inventory valuations are always up-to-date.

Warehouse Stock Allocation Turboly
Warehouse Stock Allocation

Turboly have powerful capabilities when it comes to tracking inventory across multiple locations in a single warehouse. It allows you to create new sub-locations (e.g : Zone, Rack, or Lane) and when sub-locations are defined, any item can be allocated and stored in this sub-location, which gives you visibility of stock inventory levels across all physical locations.


Manage your inventory easily using inventory management software from Turboly Indonesia. Get effective inventory control to increase sales, multi-location inventory management, intelligent inventory control, and easy stock taking. Turboly Inventory management software is the right solution to help your business manage inventory more regularly and efficiently. Enjoy a better inventory management experience with Turboly.