Web based Point of Sale

Easily scale your business, from one store to many

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Modern and Easy to use

Our cloud based POS is modern, fast and easy to use. It is designed to work with either mouse and keyboard, or touch-based input.

You can use it on your iPad, Mac or PC along with other equipment you already own, such as barcode scanners and receipt printers.

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Automatic Discounting

Our POS automatically calculate discounts based on product, customer, store location or specific promotion date.

You can also perform quick price checks and stock inquiries directly from point of sale without creating a new sales receipt.

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Customer Lookup

Lookup or create new customers directly from the POS screen, so you can save time and provide better customer experience.

Easily access customer purchase history to provide better personalized service and meaningful recommendations to customers.

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Take Notes

Add a note to a specific transaction and attach the note to receipts when necessary.

Quickly track miscellaneous marketing and demographic information to be used later to analyze your customers and track your marketing ROI.

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Returns and Claims

Easily accept customer returns and process claims from the POS. Also reduce fraudulent returns by using built-in verification and centralized processing.

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Inventory Integration

Each time a product is sold, our system will automatically reduce the inventory. So when you lookup a product, its real-time stock level is displayed in the POS.

Not only that, our system also keeps track of the average cost for each product that you sell.

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Ecommerce Ready

Turboly supports API integration to your Ecommerce Site / Online Shop. Inventory availability is automatically synched across all your channels. This simplifies fulfillment by having visibility into your warehouse inventory levels.

On top of that, our system also supports Online to Offline workflow, so your customer can collect purchased items in stores.