Main Features of Retail POS System

Deliver Best Selling Experience with Web based Point of Sale

Multi Store Location Turboly

Multi Store Location

Manage and maximize your business in the cloud with Turboly. whether you have one store or one hundred.

Automatic Discounting Turboly

Automatic Discounting

Our POS automatically calculate discount based on product, customer, store location or specific promotion date. You can also perform quick price checks and stock inquiries directly from point of sale without creating a new sales receipt.

Customer Lookup Turboly

Customer Lookup

Lookup or create new customers directly from the POS screen, so you can save time and provide better customer experience. Easily access customer purchase history to provide better personalized service and meaningful recommendations to customers.

Vehicle Management Turboly

Vehicle Management

Create customers vehicles and automatically displays a list of services, date service was performed, odometer reading, and date and km when service is due for autoshop business.

IME Serial Tracking Turboly

IMEI & Serial Tracking

Linked with Inventory module to manage and track serial numbers or IMEI numbers of your electronics items.

Presciption Glasses Turboly

Prescription Glasses

Optical Features presents easy to use tools to manage optical Point-of-Sale, frame and contact lens inventory.

Sales Pre Order Turboly

Sales Pre Order

A pre-order module to manage an order placed for an item that has not yet been released.

Returns and Claims Turboly

Returns and Claims

Easily accept customer returns and process claims from the POS. Also reduce fraudulent returns by using built-in verification and centralized processing.

Email SMS Receipt Turboly

Email & SMS Receipt

Allow you sending an e-receipt to the customer instead of printing it. Environmental friendly, low cost and use the email as a marketing opportunity.

Inventory Integration Turboly

Inventory Integration

Each time a product is sold, our system will automatically reduce the inventory. So when you lookup a product, its real-time stock level is displayed in the POS. Not only that, our system also keep track of the average cost for each product that you sell.

Cash Payment Management Turboly

Payment and Cash Management

Safely manage cash movements and card payment management for all sales and refund transactions during the trading day. It also allows you to control your store expenses easily and automatically linked to finance & accounting without manual process.

Batch Import Export Turboly

Batch Import & Export

Turboly allows you to import and export list records and transactions using CSV imports, allowing you to use external application more easily and to get started with your implementation process more quickly.

Ecommerce Ready Turboly

Ecommerce Ready

Turboly supports API integration to your Ecommerce Site / Online Shop. Inventory availability is automatically synched across all your channels. This simplifies fulfillment by having visibility into your warehouse inventory levels.


Run your business with POS Software Online from Turboly ERP. An Indonesian POS Software solution is suitable for various industries, from automotive, electronics, cosmetics, to optics. With automatic discount features, customer data search, vehicle management, IMEI tracking, and prescription management, Turboly will make your shop operations easier. Apart from that, you can also send sales receipts via SMS and email, organize inventory management, and manage payments safely. Turboly is also ready to be integrated with external applications via API, and supports e-commerce to expand business reach. Make POS Software Online from Turboly a reliable partner to develop your business.