Effective CRM

Keep track of your customers with flexible organising and reporting tools

Customer Database Turboly
Customer Database

Easily create and manage a contact list of your customers and access full history of purchases your customers have made.

Customer Group and Region Turboly
Customers Group and Region

Classify your customers into groups segment and easily organized them based on their local region.

Membership Turboly

Create memberships for your customer so you can execute better marketing campaigns.

Integrated With Point of Sale Turboly
Integrated with Point of Sale (POS)

You can add new customers at the POS or import them in bulk from another platform.

Sales History Turboly
Sales History

Quick access to customer purchasing history allows your sales team provide personalized service and meaningful recommendations to customers.

Vouchers and Gift Card Turboly
Vouchers & Gift Cards

Create & track vouchers and gift cards. View reports for details on gift cards sold, redeemed, and balances. Central, real-time gift card control.

Third Party Integration Turboly
Third Party Integration

Turboly supports API integration to your Loyality Management System to strengthen relationships in different ways.

Marketing Campaign Turboly
Marketing Campaign

Select a list of customers for targeted mailing or export to Excel for futher manipulation.


Turboly is designed to streamline your processes, a CRM can be one of the most powerful management tools in your business to boost customer satisfaction, company communication, optimize marketing effort and gain value business insight.

Turboly CRM Feature

Improve your customer experience with Turboly to gets powerful insight