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Centralized Franchise Turboly
Centralized Franchise

A centralized franchise is a franchise model where franchisor have a lot of influence and power to franchisee. A centralized franchise is fully managed by franchisor. Data allowed to share across franchisees and creates leverage against suppliers, provide consistency, and a better experience for customers.

Semi Centralized Franchise Turboly
Semi-Centralized Franchise

A semi-centralized franchise is a franchise module where the franchisee have the authority to manage their own store but still following franchisors' regulations. The Franchisor is a partner for franchisee.

Pricebook Promotion Turboly
Pricebook & Promotion

Turboly allows to creating multiple price book and discount promotion in different store franchise and region, with predefined start/end dates, to all franchisee stores easily. All set from the HO Franchisors account, and franchisees don’t need to do anything.

Flexible Order Process Turboly
Flexible Order Process

Turboly’s allows you to create flexible configuration Purchase Order setups. The franchisor creates purchase orders for all franchisees and at the time franchisee also allowed to create a purchase order directly to other suppliers. Items from the central purchase order can then be distributed to each franchisee accordingly.

Franchisee Finance Accounting Turboly
Franchisee Finance & Accounting

Turboly provide franchisees financial visibility of their business. They can manage their own account payable, account receivable and petty cash easily. Finance and accounting are become standardized and franchisors can be assured information reporting at the franchisee level is always accurate and up to date.


Turboly Franchise Management is designed especially for a franchise business. It offers different ways to manage your franchise business. We provide the franchisor visibility of all transactions across all franchisees in real-time. At the same time, franchisees also have their own authorities to run their business in different ways.

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