Retail System for Optical & Eyewear Stores

Retail Solution for small to large enterprise optical offices and retailers

Vehicle History Turboly
Prescription Glasses

Optical Features presents easy to use tools to manage optical Point-of-Sale, frame and contact lens inventory.

Service Reminder Turboly
Customers & Purchase History Records

Easily access customer purchase history to provide better personalized service and recommendations for customers.

Accurate Inventory Tracking Turboly
Pickup Later

Ordering module to manage orders and record payments placed for custom lenses.

Automotive Membership Turboly
Accurate inventory tracking

Stocktaking and reporting tools keep stock of frame and lens lean while ensuring your top-selling products are well-stocked.

Voucher and Gift Cards Turboly

Create memberships for your customer so you can execute better marketing campaigns.

Voucher and Gift Cards Turboly
Vouchers & Gift Cards

Create & track vouchers and gift cards. View reports for details on gift cards sold, redeemed, and balances. Central, real-time gift card control.

Main Benefit

Turboly for Opticians helps you to manage and maximize the efficiency of your customer needs. Our inventory solutions are powerful, efficient, and user-friendly because they have been designed with opticians in mind.