Retail System For Electronics & Cell Phones Shops

Smart Retail Solutions for your cell phones shops

Vehicle History Turboly
Real-time sales/stock

Records product sales, gross profit margins and real time inventory value

Service Reminder Turboly
Accurate IMEI / Nomor Seri tracking

Track serial number or IMEI for every product, from the moment of purchase up until they are sold.

Accurate Inventory Tracking Turboly
Manage uncertain prices

Protection from price drops with auto debit note to suppliers. Change sale price, purchase price and price margin seasonally.

Automotive Membership Turboly
Sales Pre-Order

A pre-order module to manage an order placed for an item that has not yet been released.

Voucher and Gift Cards Turboly
Cash Back Reward

Customers are rewarded for making purchases using their cards. Great opportunity for you to increase sales, drive volume through your channels and reward customers.

Voucher and Gift Cards Turboly
Sale Consignment

Manage product purchases and product sales from suppliers selected as consignees or selected customers as consignors. Supported by additional features to determine margin / profit in consignment sales.

Main Benefit

With Turboly’s scalable solution, growth happens naturally. Cloud-based multi-store features help you manage all your Electronics & Mobile Phones stores at once while also informing the right strategies for each individual location's success.