ERP System for Beauty Cosmetics Companies

Efficiently manage the complexities of your beauty cosmetics business

Realtime Sales Turboly
Real-Time Sales/Stock

Record product sales, gross profit margins, real time inventory age and value.

Sales Discounting Turboly
Sales Discount

Segment your customers and target them with irresistible offers. Set up Buy one get One deals, percentage discounts, or create your own unique promotion to sell product nearing its expiration date

Accurate Inventory Tracking Turboly
Accurate Inventory Tracking

Every item tracked from purchase to sales with their batch & expiry date.

Product Bundling Turboly
Product Bundling

Bundling is a great way to sell complementary items together, or introduce new products by offering standard inventory paired with newer product.

Voucher and Gift Cards Turboly
Vouchers & Gift Cards

Create & track vouchers and gift cards. View reports for details on gift cards sold, redeemed, and balances. Central, real-time gift card control.

Main Benefit

Turboly is designed especially for the retail cosmetics & beauty products business. It enables you to record specifics of suppliers and track the things they source, making inventory management simpler than ever. Purchase and Sales reports provide the correct insight regarding supply and demand.