Retail system for Automotive Workshops

Simplify your workshop and make it more efficient

Vehicle History Turboly
Vehicle History

For automotive workshop, create and manage customer vehicle easily with detailed service history, date of service, odometers and the next service dates and kilometers.

Service Reminder Turboly
Next Service Report

Increase revenues with next service reminders for your customers. Make your customer feel like having an assistant that encourages their loyalty.

Accurate Inventory Tracking Turboly
Accurate Inventory Tacking

Inventory and reporting features that helps manage spareparts stocks to ensure sufficient stock level for bestselling products.

Automotive Membership Turboly

Create and manage memberships for your customer so you can execute better marketing campaigns.

Voucher and Gift Cards Turboly
Vouchers & Gift Cards

Create and track vouchers and gift cards. View detailed reports for gift cards that have been sold, redeemed and adjusted. Central and real-time control for gift cards.

Main Benefit

Point of Sales, Inventory Management, Finance and Accounting features that are flexible and designed specifically for automotive industry workshops and spareparts sales for small and medium businesses.