Product Management

Manage your product cycle and pricing easily and in real time

Master Product List Turboly
Master Product List

It's easy to add, edit and remove products across all store locations. You can instantly update prices, discounts and stock levels across all stores. Changes and corrections to product descriptions are applied system-wide so data remains consistent.

Product Bundling Turboly
Product Bundling

Bundling is a great way to sell complementary items together, or introduce new products by offering standard inventory paired with newer product. You can also use it to clear deadstock by selling them as a set with your best selling items .

Flexible Pricing Options Turboly
Flexible Pricing Options

Easily discount or mark up products in selected stores and for specific time period. Multiple sales and purchase price list based on the supplier, customer wholesale in many locations based on their region. Easily to track the price list for finance and accounting purposes.

Product Batch and Expiry Tracking Turboly
Product Batch and Expiry Tracking

To help your cosmetics and drugs store business. Turboly allows you to keep track of batches and expiry dates from its creation. Easily to see history on previous batches and keep and on expiry dates so you can make a decision quickly.

Product Consignment Turboly
Product Consignment

Turboly Allows you to create consignment product in system. Easily create an arrangement from a selected supplier as consignee or selected customer as a consignor.

Configurable Tax Turboly
Configurable Tax

Turboly support flexible tax configuration and allows you to specify different tax codes per product.

Barcodes Turboly

Turboly enables you to print barcodes based on SKU. When combined with any barcode scanner that functions as an input device, order entry and processing is made significantly faster.

Batch Import and Export Turboly
Batch Import and Export

To save time, you can import products and prices in bulk using a CSV or XLSX file.


Turboly Product Management allows you to manage complete product details information. It’s also easy to configure a sales and purchase price for each product and can be assigned for different customer wholesale, store or warehouse, and supplier.