Purchasing & Supplier

Build better and more profitable relationships with your suppliers.

Supplier Database Turboly
Supplier Database

Keep track of all your suppliers, contacts, credit terms and credit limits. Ensure compliance with contracts and purchasing policies.

Purchase Request Turboly
Purchase Request

The process of requesting an item be purchased from each department, triggered by store or HO staff through Purchase Request and approval of the requisition to purchasing is controlled by purchasing and accounting.

Purchase Order and Receiving Turboly
Purchase Order and Receiving

Incoming items are received at the facility and logged into the system as having matched the original purchase order. Easily track Purchase Order status to see what has arrived, what is in transit or partial received.

Full History of Purchases Turboly
Full History of Purchases

All of the history between your company and your suppliers is recorded. And relevant purchasing documents are linked together so you can easily trace purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices and payments.

Intelligent Order Management Turboly
Intelligent Order Management

Smart management of purchases, automatically set purchase quantities based on minimum inventory levels, Suggestion Order Quantity (SOQ), and ABC Analysis. Avoiding inventory overstock and to reach new levels of efficiency.

Inter Company Trade Turboly
Inter company Trade

In inter company trade there is a business scenario that handles the sale and purchase of item between two companies in one holding company. Turboly provides this functionality to raise a purchase order from one company on to another company which would automatically create a Sales Order from company supplier.


Creating and managing suppliers, purchase orders, receipts and all other relevant transactions is one of the simplest, yet comprehensive aspects of the system. Suppliers can be shared subsidiaries or internal and external suppliers.